Saturday, November 1, 2008

We Won!

Oh yes, we won the first round of our journey to becoming state champions! Please don't think I'm just being a bragging kinda person. You have to understand the circumstances surrounding our win. We are a small town of approx. 1750 people. Our town is contained in an area of 1 square mile. We have one traffic light at the crossroads of State Route 29 and State Route 4. Officially we are described as a village.....not a town, not a city. A village. We are a village of rich tradition when it comes to our football team. We have been in the playoffs for 9 of the last ten years. But, don't think that it is all about the sports. We received an Excellent on the last State Report Card. I just thought I would share this little video that was in one of the local papers. It is quite nice. Oh, and if you see a cute little girl playing clarinet....that's my Emily. Although, not so little, she will be 17 on the 26th.:( GO BURG!!


Terry said...

That is way cool! I hope you guys go all the way and win state!
BTW - I live in a small village too, except we don't have a traffic light...only 2 streets, and we're surrounded by farms. lol!

Terry said...

I'm down in the southwestern part of the state...Butler Co.
We're 8 miles east of Oxford (Miami U) in the village of Collinsville.
I don't think it's even on the map. hahaha!

Linda said...

So exciting!! When my son was a freshmen, the town was 1-11 in football. No one went to games anymore. It was sad. He and 3 other freshmen and the brand new coach went to the state's HS Superbowl and the 4 boys told the coach, we'll play here OUR senior year - and you know what? They did! They didn't win that game but they won every other game that season and all 4 of those players were named League All stars. It was amazing!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.