Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Whatcha Working On Wednesday

Good morning everyone! Well, it's Wednesday again, so this is what I'm going to be working on.
I got these canisters months ago from Ebay and I started to paint them green and never got back to them. So I put them out in the sunroom and boy are they dusty! Now I'm gonna get back to painting them, but I'm thinking about black instead. It's my favorite. I think it's every prim girls favorite!Lol! It works, what can I say? I have some of those vintage looking labels that I found on Ebay, too. So I want to put those on the front. Even though the canisters have flour, sugar, coffee and tea printed on them, I like the look of the labels.

These are my piggies! Len(DH) made these for me for Christmas! I always loved the new Martha Stewart piggie cutting board at Macys, so he got a pic of it and drew his own pattern. I think he did a great job! I think I am going to stain them, but I'm not sure.

Well, this is a short post, I know but I have to run. Lauren's class is having their Christmas party/gift exchange today. They missed out because of ice. So go on over to Leslie's blog at My Country Home and see what everbody else is working on! Take care everybody! ~Beth~


Heather's Stitches said...

I love those piggies, i think the canisters would look nice black with the labels, sounds cute!

simple~needs said...

i say go black with the canisters too.
kim( in ohio too):)

Lisa said...

I agree that black is ever prim girls favorite. I think that the canisters would look great black and those labels will probably look too cute. Be sure to post after pics so we can see the finished product.

Have fun!!

~ Lisa (Ohio)

Neabear said...

You have great idea for the canisters. Can't wait until they are finished. The piggies are wonderful too. How nice of your hubby to make them for you.

Leslie said...

I like your canister set :) I think that they will look very nice in black with labels! The green looks good too but black will make them stand out instead of blending with your wallpaper.

I have something similar to your canisters but mine is a cookie "jar". I put it away for Christmas to make room for my little tree but I really like it all black and primmed up :)

Your pigs are cute, too :) I have one hanging on the wall behind my stove and I actually made that one in wood shop in 6th grade! It was my FIRST project and we had to cut it out by hand with the coping saw, file, sand and varnish. I saved it all of these years and while it's not perfect it's a great memory! :)

Have a great day!


Kath said...

Hi Beth!

Your hubby did a great job on those cute lil piggies :) Seems like the little piggie tails would be kinda hard to cut out!

Have a WONDERFUL day!


Kath said...

Oh now that I looked closer..I see how he did it! :) Clever! just drilled a hole? they do look like little curly tails! ;)


Tami said...

Great canister set....what a find! Cute little piggies!

Have a great day!

Katy said...

The canisters look great so far and I love the piggies!!!! Your hubby did a great job! :)

Thistledew Farm said...

Love the pigs and love that you're working on a "Never Ending Project" aka an old project that doesn't quite get done. The boxes will look lovely especially with vintage labels.

Picket said...

Hey beth...I think those canisters will be perfect painted black..of course I am alittle partial to black myself! lol You Hubby did an excellent job on those pigs....hope you are having a great day!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Love the canisters and black will look especially good on them with the labels. Don't forget to show us when you are done, love the pigs too!

Joy said...

Love the piggy cutting board, he did a great job with it. My Dad made me one several years ago since I collect piggies in my kitchen.

Michelle said...

I vote for the black also I think they will look great. Can't wait to see your pigs when your finished with them.


basketsnprims said...

Beth, I think the canisters will look great in black. Those piggies are wonderful. I have a really old piggie cutting board & I love it.


Terry said...

I too think the black will be great!
I had to giggle at the piggies! They are so cute, and they remind me of when I was in Jr. Achievement. My group made and sold piggy cutting boards. My goodness that was a long time ago! haha!
I dearly love the picture in your header Beth!

Lauren said...

Love the piggies..very cute:) Those canisters will look great in black with labels too! Hope you have a great day!

Raggedy Angel said...

Yes..the canisters will be wonderful those! beth

Janene said...

How on earth did I miss this great post?
I agree with you...the canisters would look awesome with black bottoms and the labels would be just the perfect touch!
Len did a great job in those pigs...I would stain them and then wax them.
They will look great in your kitchen.
By the way I love your couch!


Beth...just love your piggies your DH did a awesome job...I agree with the others I think the canisters will look great black.



Ellen said...

Beth ~

You've been holding out on me. I'm so gonna go shopping at your house. I love those canisters!

Len did a great job on those piggies. I love them... tell him I'll be right up to get mine:-))

Hugs, Ellen

Linda said...

Hi Beth,

I love those piggies - I have a freind who collects antique ones!

I have a few sources for wool. The first is Karen of My Yellow Farmhouse blog. She has an online shop as well. If you don't see what you want on her site, you might want to email her and see if she has it.

The next one I have bought many fabric and craft supplies from because they are only 40 minutes from me. They closed the store and just sell online.

These two I have also ordered wool from and had great customer service from both.

I hope that helps! hugs, Linda

Tracey said...

wonderful canisters and your blog too!!!!
Tracey xxx

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Those cannisters are going to look awesome when you are done! What a great idea! I have passed up sets just like that. BooHoo! I won't pass up anymore of them! I too, love the vintage-looking labels. I can't wait to see them when you are done!

I also love your piggies! They are MUCH more special than Martha's! What a sweet and talented hubby to make them for you!

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Love the canisters!

Anonymous said...

Love the canisters!

oldetymemarketplace said...

HI Beth!
I just wanted to tell you that your blog looks great!
Have a great day!!

jen said...

My vote is black with labels and I love the cute little piggies!!