Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Birthday To My Sissy!

Today is my sister's birthday! Happy birthday to my sister Sheila! I won't tell you how old she is but I will say she's older than me! Lol! But, she looks younger than me! How did that happen?

This is my sissy with her most favorite person in the whole world......Dad. She misses him so much. Dad loves you sissy!

This a beautiful picture of Sheila with her husband Steve and her son Steve at Steve and Emily's wedding in the mountains of Gatlinburg, TN last month. Aren't they all just gorgeous?

But this is my sissy like I know and love her....glasses on her head cause she can't see crap without them, LOL! One time she told me "Wait until you turn forty, you go blind!" And I did! I can't see crap either! Lol! Then she told me "Gggzzz, wait until you turn fifty, body parts start falling off!" I'm not there yet but, I have started to feel a shift towards the expected falling off! Lol! I can't wait to hear the wisdom she has for me at 60! Or maybe, I don't. Anyway, this is my sister and I love her with all my heart! She is a wonderful sister and a great friend. She has helped me feel better about the passing of Dad so many times in these past 3 years. And today I just wanted to tell her Happy Birthday and I love are the best sister a girl could have! Enjoy your day!

Oh yea, one more thing.....she is Ellen's mother! My niece that I write about in my blogs so much.


Janene said...

Beth~I am so happy that you won the giveaway!
Happy birthday Sissy! She looks so much like you Beth!
Have a great weekend!

Pam said...

Beth thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Shipping those gingerbread men out on Monday..You should have them in a few days...Hope you enjoy them....

Happy birthday to your sister!!!!

hugs Pam

Merrie. said...

Thanks for stopping by to visit; I have added you to my feeds! I also joined your followers; I love your blog! And Happy Birthday to your sister! She is lucky to have such a sweet sister! Merrie

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

happy birthday sis!!!

Kath said...

Hi Beth...
Happy-Happy birthday to your Sis! :)

holiday hugs!

Kath said...

me agian!! ;)
just wanted to say..."YAY" for you and your great win from Janene!!

Enjoy your goodies!


Pam said...

Hi Beth

You've been tagged. Stop by my blog.


Jenn said...

Happy Birthday to your sis:)

AnnaSam said...

How sweet of you to share to us these wonderful things about your sister. Happy Birthday Sheila! have a blessed day!

sheila said...

Beth, OMG, what a wonderful sister you are! I have read it over and over and cried. Thank you for thinking of me and being there when I need you! Most of all..THANKS FOR BEING MY SISTER AND FRIEND! Thank you to all of your friends for thinking of me too! Have a great day and will talk to ya later! Love, Sheila