Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Whatcha Working On Wednesday

Christmas is a week from today.....I'm never gonna make it! Of course we have ice this morning and the girls are on a 2 hour delay. So no getting out the door early for me today!

Well, I have managed to make a few prim goodies and I wanted to share them with you today, since it is Whatcha Working On Wednesday. In case any of you are new to blog land and don't know what that is.....It is a day where we all show what we have been making or doing with our time in the past week. It is hosted by Leslie at My Country Home. So go on over and see what she and everyone else is up to!

All of the things I am going to show you are crafts I made for my niece Ellen. She and I decided to do a swap with each other and boy has it been fun!

This is the little Mason jar lamp I put together for her. It has a Santa that I handmade. He was a fun little guy to put together! He was inspired by a pattern I used from Threads That Bind. I don't know if it is still available or not, I have had mine for several years. If anyone knows feel free to leave info.

This is a close-up. See the little doggie? It is a doggie ornament I found in a local prim shop. Ellen was getting frustrated because all she could find was prim cats but no dogs. I was thrilled when I happened upon him! I just knew I could do something with him. So I put him in the jar with Santa like a helper! It looks just like her dog Stephanie who is a golden retriever. She cried when I gave it to her. I think it was her favorite.

Next I did this stitchery for Ellen.I got the pattern from the Holiday 2004 issue of Create and Decorate magazine. In the pattern it used little pieces of wool for all of the decorations but I just wanted to stitch them so I left that part out. It looks pretty either way. I had the frame from a yard sale, so I painted and stained it to go with the stitchery. I think it turned out quite well.

Here we have a little ginger that I sewed and grunged and sprayed with cinnamon oil to smell good and then I tied him on a bread board I got awhile back at Goodwill. The ginger pattern is in the December 2008 issue of Mercantile Gatherings.

I had ordered these little mittens for another craft project last year and when they came they were to small. So, I threw them in the craft box and said maybe I can do something with them later. Well, finally I figured it out! I have been seeing them made into snowmen, so I thought I could do it. It was so easy. I just painted on the face and added some candy canes I bent from chenille and stuck in some fake greenery. I think they are so sweet!

I just love how this little snowman turned out! He is also from the December 2008 issue of Mercantile Gatherings. Mine looks a little different because I used the spools and fabris that I had on hand. I have a whole box full of these little spools from an auction on Ebay. I did Ellen's snowman in red ticking, but I did mine in green check homespun. He turned out cute, too!

Last but not least, I have a Santa that I made. He is from a pattern I used that came out of the October 2005 issue of Country Marketplace magazine. This magazine is no longer published and I hate that! It was one of my favs! But sometimes you can find it on.....where else? Ebay! Of course. He was not near as hard as I thought he would be. He just took a little time and patience. But he was fun!

Well ladies, that's all I got for ya! I hope you enjoyed my crafts and I hope you will try some of these patterns. Hope everybody has a wonder Wednesday and take care! (Update: The school has closed....nothing will get done today.)

Hugs! ~Beth~


Kath said...

Oh WOW-You've been busy too!! Everything is just wonderful...I love it all, especially the Santa!
Ellen will LOVE these gifts from the heart!

Have a beautiful day, Beth

Merry Christmas!


Susan said...

Love what you've been working on. The lamp is so cute. Did you just glue the light to the jar lid?
Have a blessed day,

basketsnprims said...

Wow, Beth, you have been so busy and I love everything you have made. I really miss Country Marketplace, too. What a good idea to do a swap with someone so close to you, I hadn't thought of that, though most of the people I know don't understand the prim addiction, LOL. Have a wonderful day.


Ladyinpink1 said...

Such cute gifts..I have mason jars to make those lamps. I made the Luminary Jars this year....I love the snowmen mittens...!! Can I ask where you purchased the mittens from..?? Thinking for next year...!

Back in the Day said...

Your niece is a very lucky Gal! You have created such neat items! I happened about your blog and I love it! I am adding you to my faves!

Linda said...

Beth everything looks wonderful!! And thanks so much for your kind words and for "getting it". My mom has memory problems (I don't say that in my blog because she reads it) and this has her so confused, it's awful. My dad's hips hurt from not having his proper bed and chairs. And then there is just the difference in lifestyles. I really feel so bad for them.

BTW, I thought you were on my blogroll but I guess not. I am fixing that now!! hugs, Linda

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I love all of your goodies you made..thanks for sharing..yeah the marketplace mag was my favorite too..

Ellen said...

I love it *ALL*! But you are right my favorite thing is my lamp with my little Miss Stephie in it. Just so all you ladies know it's all properly placed on my mantel and stove top. It looks so good and I had a great time decorating with a my goodies. Beth has to wait a few more days for her goodies. Work has been kicking my rear so crafting has been slow. I'm in the home stretch and can't wait for her to see her stuff. Thank you again Aunt Beth for all my goodies I love you!~~Ellen

Jeanette said...

Hi Beth! I love your cute decorations. I liked your Santa so much that I just sent and ordered the Country Marketplace magazine! I miss it too. :-D I figured out that you can buy past issues on and it was only 3.50ppd! The ebay seller that I found wanted 5.00 for shipping. Anyway, I think it said it takes 2-4 weeks to ship, but I don't really care because I'm not in a hurry. Thanks for the pictures! -Jeanette

Black Sheep Lisa said...

Love all your creations! No i didn't make that santa, i got him in a swap last year. But he is a Chestnut Junction Pattern.

Lauren said...

I love all of your homemade gifts...those are the best:) I'm sure your niece will love them! How wonderful that you have someone you're close to that you can share prim stuff with! Hope you've had a great day! <3Lauren

Pam said...

Beth, Such a nice collection of your crafts. Very good. Glad you enjoyed the gingerbread men. I'm glad they got to you fast.

Hugs Pam

Sharon/primthyme said...

They are wonderful !!
Prim Hugs & Blessings,